It will be a huge accomplishment if someone develops a large desalination plant that can convert seawater to normal water without hurting the environment, considering just 3 percent of the water on the earth is fresh. Through its innovative, zero-running cost, zero-emissions, and non-polluting desalination process, Solar Water Solutions (SWS), which is a Finnish water technology business, has gotten as near as anyone to have the capability to offer the world practically infinite freshwater.

Thanks to funding from the Dutch organization Climate Fund Managers, it’s now being implemented in Kenya’s Kitui County as part of an ambition to give water to 400,000 rural Kenyans by the year 2023. SWS has packed their desalination facility into a shipping container, rendering it simple and efficient to transport 200 units to Kitui’s shores, where the innovation will transform between 4,000 to 7,000 liters for every hour from seawater or even 10,000 liters for every hour from brackish water, all while being powered entirely by solar panels.

“We can transform access to safe, inexpensive water in rural Kenya through this relationship with CFM and locally with Kitui County,” stated Antti Pohjola, Chief Executive Officer of Solar Water Solutions. “This project is a water infrastructure breakthrough fueled by solar energy.”

SWS employs reverse osmosis, a technique that, while successful, has been proved to be hazardous to both humans and the environment. The reverse osmosis membranes are subject to fouling and scaling, according to a 2007 negative evaluation, and must be cleaned using chemicals that may be hazardous to receiving waters. The consequence is a contaminated brine that is twice as powerful as typical seawater and is lethal to nearby plant life.

SWS has intended its product to be low-maintenance, with only non-toxic cleansers like citric acid being used on the membranes, according to a company spokeswoman. The desalination process should cause no environmental harm if the resultant brine is appropriately disposed of away.

Solar Water Solutions provides small-scale water filtration products that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. They filter rivers, seas, lakes, and contaminated borewells to produce potable water for human consumption. The use of their solution allows customers to become entirely self-sufficient in terms of water supply in remote regions. Rather than relying on batteries or other energy storage, their portable stand-alone desalination equipment runs entirely on solar energy. SolarRO devices are simple to install and run, and they require little maintenance. Finally, they intend to substitute all polluting as well as noisy diesel engines with solar energy in off-grid desalination systems in the future.

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