“Harry Potter” author JK Rowling caused a stir with her transphobic comments at the time. Now she is said to have even received death threats!

The magical world of “Harry Potter” is sometimes quite toxic behind the scenes, as fans have often found out. There was already a lot of drama behind the scenes of the film series for the books: A “Harry Potter” star had to endure racist attacks – and was not even allowed to go public at the time of filming! The world of “Harry Potter” is a world full of wondrous creatures and people who all seem to have their place in society. This made the series a wonderful and safe place for LGBTQ + people, including trans * people, to feel welcome. Until author JK Rowling made it pretty clear through her hateful comments on Twitter what she really thought of trans * people – especially those who define themselves as women. Namely, very little. At the time, she drew a lot of negative attention with her transphobic comments. Now the author speaks up again on the topic!

JK Rowling writes about death threats

Rowling recently posted a tweet defending Scottish writer Milli Hill. This was under criticism because she disregarded trans * people in her book on obstetric violence. As a result, the debate about Rowling’s transphobic comments reignited, leading the author to a statement that again attracted some criticism! She has been ” threatened by hundreds of trans * activists ” who want to ” beat, rape, murder and bomb ” her. “ I realized that this movement poses no risk to women“, Writes the author in an apparently ironic tone. The reactions of the other Twitter users were not long in coming.

“So maybe now you understand how a trans person feels”

One person replied to their tweet: “ You may now understand how a trans * person feels when they are treated like this and have to listen to threats of this kind regularly. While nothing is likely to happen to you, millions of trans * people around the world have to live in a society where people (like you) encourage this violent behaviour. “ Another user points out that it doesn’t necessarily have to be trans activists who threatened Rowling. It is part of the tactics of right-wing extremists to spread themselves on social media with false trans accounts and stir up hatred. Others also ask the author to take a very close look at people’s accounts before her allegations only cause more damage to the trans * community. Many condemn the verbal attacks on Rowling but also point out that their comments have hurt a lot of people and that some may now turn in their direction.

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