Planning travel this summer is a lot like struggling through high school math.

There’s the algebra of restrictions, when X into Y can’t go. There are the rising and falling R numbers. There’s the addition of flight costs to test costs to quarantine costs. And then there’s probability theory and the risk that it might all fall through. Luckily CNN Travel is here as your classroom assistant, guiding you through the latest pandemic travel news with these weekly updates. Here are 10 things we learned this week.

Airline passengers are getting more unruly

The US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has received close to 3,300 reports of unruly behavior by airline passengers this year so far — and it’s tired of their nonsense. In January, the agency launched a zero-tolerance policy against passenger misbehavior and on Tuesday it announced that it’s levied $119,000 in civil penalties against nine travelers. The biggest single fine is a $21,500 case against a man on a Frontier Airlines holiday season flight between Nashville and Orlando. After tucking into his own private supply of alcohol, this guy fought with the flight attendant and other passengers after being asked to wear a face mask, even hitting the person next to him on the head.

Billionaires are escaping to space

When the world gets too much, “get your ass to Mars.” Failing that, get it into the upper reaches of the Earth’s mesosphere. Virgin Galactic’s British founder Richard Branson will take a rocket-powered space plane on a 2,400 mile-per-hour ride to the edge of space this Sunday — completely missing England’s appearance in the Euro 2020 Final. If all goes as planned, Branson will be the first billionaire ever to travel to space aboard a vehicle he helped fund the development of, beating Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin rocket by just nine days.

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