Just seeing Princes William and Harry in the same space is rare enough these days, let alone at an event they organized together. But that’s where we found ourselves Thursday — at the unveiling of the statue of Diana, Princess of Wales. The two were intimately involved in the design of the long-awaited artwork and the redesign of the Sunken Garden around it.

According to Kensington Palace, this was one of Diana’s “favourite locations” and it’s where the young princes played growing up. The poignancy and nostalgia of the moment weren’t lost on anyone. For the first time since Harry left Kensington Palace to set up his own household with Meghan, the brothers issued a joint statement: “Today, on what would have been our Mother’s 60th birthday, we remember her love, strength and character — qualities that made her a force for good around the world, changing countless lives for the better. “Every day, we wish she were still with us, and our hope is that this statue will be seen forever as a symbol of her life and her legacy.”

Memorializing and commemorating their mother and her impact on society is an incredibly important mission for the brothers. They knew everyone would be watching how they interacted and set the tone of the event by entering in conversation and with broad smiles on their faces. They appeared at ease, warmly greeting their aunts — Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes — with kisses before laughing and joking with family and guests at the small ceremony. At times it almost felt like it once was — brothers standing shoulder to shoulder, firmly focused on a single goal. Harry seemed a little more relaxed than his brother, making a few quips and gestures to invitees and engaging in some light banter. But that was like old times, too … Harry the joker, against William’s more reserved positioning as king-in-waiting.

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