Teslas are famously costly, with prices starting at $85,300, but Tim Mifsud of Queanbeyan believes his new possession will save him money over the long term. “The environment was important to me, but it also had to make monetary sense for me as well as my family. Each individual is unique, and not everyone can buy a Tesla. We’ll pay roughly $530 every two weeks for the privilege, “he stated. “When I compared the Tesla to a modern petrol vehicle, it came out less costly in the long term to buy the Tesla than anything like a [hybrid].” He stated that he would use solar panels on the roof to charge the car.

According to a recent survey, the ACT is topping the country in terms of electric car legislation, trailing only NSW. The territory received an eight-out-of-ten rating from the Electric Vehicle Council, which is significantly higher than the federal government’s three-out-of-ten rating. “The ACT has long been a national pioneer in comprehensive electric vehicle legislation, and it has continued to support these accomplishments over the past year,” said Behyad Jafari, CEO of the Electric Vehicle Council.

“Two years of free registration, as well as a $15,000 interest-free loan, have been added to the financial incentives provided by tax rebates.” According to Warwick Cathro of the Australia Electric Vehicles Association, electric cars are popular in the ACT because it is a wealthy and ecologically concerned society with plenty of rooftop solar. However, Mr. Misfud, who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his Tesla, said the upfront cost was the disadvantage of purchasing the electric vehicle.

“With existing incentives in ACT and NSW and affordable EV loans… while also allowing you to have an automobile loan over 7 years rather than the customary five years, it’s manageable for us,” he stated. While cost was his top priority, he said that the environmental effect was a nice bonus. “How lovely to know that if I’m stopped at a light, stuck in traffic, or waiting for the kids at school, I’m not contaminating the air our children breathe,” he said. “Tesla released a report this week demonstrating how, within several years of driving them, their cars are almost entirely recyclable and carbon neutral.”

The Electric Vehicle Council of Australia is the national organization representing the electric vehicle sector in the country. By advocating for firms involved in the production, distribution, and support of electric vehicles, they hope to expedite the electrification of road transportation in Australia, resulting in a more sustainable and successful nation.

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