Published On: Mon, Jul 1st, 2013

Thousands of students sent wrong exam results in email glitch

Thousands of University of Liverpool students were emailed other students’ exam results this morning. A glitch in the central system meant that the results, emailed in an attempt to prevent SPIDER crashing, were sent to the wrong students at around 8.30am today. This affected all years and faculties.

The University’s Computing Services Department had cancelled and recalled the mistaken emails within the hour, but not before many students had seen the results and some had posted them to Twitter and Facebook. The recall was quickly followed by an official statement from Dr Julian Moss, Head of Student Academic Services, but several students who received the results emails report not to have received this or any later correspondence from the University.

Not all students will have received emails, but those who have are asked to delete them. The University and Guild have both tweeted requests not to share the contents of emails.


The University has previously had issues with the new email results system. In January, the first time it was implemented, results were released early. Before, results were released solely through SPIDER and the demand regularly crashed the server.

At the time of writing Computing Services could not give any information on what the glitch was or when the correct results would be available, but hope to have resolved the problem by this afternoon.


Update: As of 1pm, the University plans to release emails with the correct exam results between 3pm and 5pm today. Results will be available on SPIDER from 4pm on Thursday.

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  • Fuck The Matrix

    FYI emails have not been withdrawn, some of us have taken this into our own hands and forwarded emails to their rightful recipients

    • Tor Marie

      Thanks for letting us know!